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Great wines of Chablis

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Bourgogne Blanc 2020 - Petit Chablis 2020
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Chablis 1er Cru Vaucoupin 2019 - Crémant de Bourgogne



Full of passion and enthusiasm, we sure hope to make you discover and love our Chablis wines. Years after years our quest has always been the same intangible one: that our wines are an expression of finesse, elegance and purity.

What we want is for you to absorb our passion for the Chablis wines and discover the richness of our domain. Behind those bottles where we lock up our dream are hidden stories and men that we invite you to learn about.

“The ones who know how to recognize it simply say that it possesses Love.” Raymond Duray.

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A Choice Piece of Land

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A Choice Piece of Land


The Chablis vineyards are located in the northernmost part of Burgundy. The climate is continental and the 4 seasons are well represented:Rigorous winter, frosty-susceptible spring, hot summer and autumn provide optimal conditions for grape maturity.


For the four AOC Chablis appellations, only the Chardonnay grape is authorized.

grappe de jeune raisinThis grape, originating in Burgundy would spread to the village of Chardonnay in the department of Sâone et Loire. It produces white wines exclusively.   Chardonnay is the best known and the most planted grape in the world. Its popularity is due to its great capacity to adapt to climate and soil. The influence of different "terroirs" and vinification on the Chardonnay grape results in different aromas. More than one hundred thousand miles will be planted with Chardonnay. It can be found in California, Chile, Australia, South Africa ... and of course France most notably in Burgundy. With a reasonable yield, this grape that is quite vigorous and productive, though susceptible to spring frost; something to which vineyards of Chablis are often exposed, gives us a wine of great finesse and aromatic potential.


In order to mark off the four appellations in Chablis, several criteria have been established: Exposure of the slopes, the micro climate, soil type. The criteria varies for different Burgundy appellations which number more than 100.

jeune grappe de raisin

The communal appellation of Petit Chablis was created in 1944. It can be produced all over Chablis. Its soils are situated up the coast or at the the beginning of the plateau, with varied exposures. The soil is most often the Portlandian type (hard brown limestone or sometimes silty and sandy). The size of the area that produces Petit Chablis is 1,562 hectares. The maximum yield allowed is 60 hectoliters per hectare. The estate produces Petit Chablis and the grapes are from one continuous parcel of land of 9 hectares in the commune of Poilly sur Serein.


Chablis is a communal appellation established in 1938. These vines are situated on hills. The soil is the Kimmeridgian type (numerous marine fossils, most notably "Ostrea Virgula" - tiny oysters and ammonites due to the fact that a warm deep sea once covered Burgundy). 4,420 hectares are planted to Chablis with the maximum allowable yield of 60 hectoliters to 1 hectare. Our vines in the appellation of Chablis are located in the communes of Béru and de Viviers on parcelles with magical names (Sur les fontaines or Sous les plantes).


grappe de raisinJust like Chablis, the Chablis 1er Cru appellation came into existence in 1938. It is composed of 40 regions, 18 of which are the main ones such as Montée de Tonnerre, Vaillons, Fourchaume, Vosgros and Vaucoupin. The vines benefit from a south-west and south-east exposure. The appellation is 745 hectares and the maximum allowable yield of 58 hectoliters per hectare. The estate produces Chablis 1er Cru Vauoupin from a parcel situated on the right bank of Serein in the commune of Chichée. Baudouin Millet also makes Chablis 1er Cru Vosgros available to clients.


The Chablis Grand Crus are exclusively located in the commune of Chablis. This appellation consisting of 100 hectares (2% of all of the vineyards of Chablis), is situation only on the right bank of Serein, on the hills facing mostly South-West, where the sun is the strongest. The maximum allowable yield is 54 hectoliters to 1 hectare. The appellation comprises of 7 regions: Blanchots, Bougros, Les Clos, Grenouilles, Les Prduses, Valmur and Vaudésir. Baudouin Millet commercializes Chablis Grand Cru Vaudésir.